Introduction to the Training at AMREPFlow AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

Please do not initiate training steps 1-4 until you are ready to complete ALL aspects of training, including instrument induction, instrument training, and both licensing steps (with beads and with a sample of your own). The process of commencing from step 1 through to licensing conclusion should be completed within a month.

No Licensing will be carried out in December is training has not been initiated by mid November.

AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides free of charge comprehensive training in:

All users must be fully licensed with the flow facility before they are permitted to use any of the analysis instruments.

Training will consist of 3-4 separate sessions where you will be taught how to correctly use the instruments and the basics of setting up a 4-colour flow experiment.

Licensing step 1. watch the online tutorial videos before we commence your flow training. During training there will be a few follow up questions in regards to these videos.

Licensing step 2. Download and read the Syllabus

Licensing step 3. Quiz

Licensing step 4a. Contact [email protected] to request access to the AMREP Flow Induction Video. Make sure to take robust notes during this video as you will be asked to reproduce the steps at your first one on one session. If you don't bring robust notes at the first one on one session it will be cancelled.

Licensing step 4b. Speak with your supervisor and decide which instrument will be most suited for your scientific applications (Specs of our instruments can be found here) and contact us at [email protected] to book in a time for that particular instrument to start your practical training sessions. Training sessions will continue until you can independently perform a 4-colour flow experiment including compensation and will finish with one of our staff members overseeing your own first flow experiment. These will be socially distanced and you will be required to fill our a health declaration form before each session.

Our website is full of useful research links that are well worth checking out, including CD charts, spectral viewers etc... under the Education tab.

Training is free, and a refresher session is always welcomed if you have not performed flow experiments in some time.

Geza, Eva, Maggie and Deming are also happy to provide guidance on polychromatic panel design and other flow topics after your training is completed, however please be aware that we must be acknowledged in any published work for help given.