4a. Training Request & Licensing for BC CytoFlex AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

Please do not initiate training steps 1-4 until you are ready to complete ALL aspects of training, including instrument induction, instrument training, and both licensing steps (with beads and with a sample of your own). The process of commencing from step 1 through to licensing conclusion should be completed within a month

It is a pre-requisite that you read through the quick start guide below and print it out for reference. This will be required during your training.


Email a request for your first practical training session. Our email is [email protected]

Please provide a few different times when you are available so that we can organise a convenient time that works for everyone.

The training sessions will prepare you for performing a 4 colour experiment on the instrument of your choosing.

The final step (the licensing) requires that you are able to perform:

1) fluidics start-up

2) navigate the acquisition software, generate worksheets and set gates

3) set baseline voltages

4) compensate using single colour controls

5) clean and shutdown the instrument

You are considered "licensed" when these steps are performed correctly without any help.

You will then be added to our Bookings website and issued a log-in so that you can book instruments 24/7 and commence your flow experiments on your own.

We look forward to meeting and training you.

The AMREPFlow team