1. Online Tutorials AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

Please do not initiate training steps 1-4 until you are ready to complete ALL aspects of training, including instrument induction, instrument training, and both licensing steps (with beads and with a sample of your own). The process of commencing from step 1 through to licensing conclusion should be completed within a month

It is a pre-requisite that our prospective clients watch as many of these educational videos as possible. We strongly recommend Thermo Fisher Tutorials Below, especially the Introduction to Flow Cytometry video but feel free to check out any of the listed videos.

Flow Cytometry Tutorials

Thermo Fisher - Introduction to Flow Cytometry

Thermo Fisher - Gating and Data Analysis

Thermo Fisher - Compensation

Thermo Fisher - Basics of Multicolour Panel Design

Thermo Fisher - Other useful Videos and Protocols Type in Flow Cytometry into the search engine for specific flow related content

Flow Cytometry Tutorials from BD. More helpful animations, along with online tutorials on some of the instrumentation AMREP flow houses on campus.

Compensation: An informal perspective - from Mario Roederer, co-author of Flow Analysis software Useful reading for understanding what compensation is, why we do it and useful tips for identifying if data is over or under compensated.

Purdue University Cytometry Lecture Slides. The Flow Cytometery series of slides are half way down the page. Site maintained by J. Paul Robinson, a senior figure in the Flow Cytometry world.

DeNovo Immunofluorescence and Colour Compensation Guide

DeNovo Fluorescence and Fluorochromes