Imaging Flow Cytometer AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

AMREPFlow are very pleased to announce the arrival of the AMNIS ImageStreamX MKII.

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This particular model is the only one of its kind in Melbourne and we welcome external users to make use of this instrument.

This instrument is equipped with:

488nm blue 200mW excitation laser

642nm red 150mW excitation laser

405nm violet 100mW excitation laser

785nm Darkfield laser

Full Brightfield upgrade

12 imaging channels

MultiMag-60x, 40x, and 20x objective lenses

Extended Depth of Field module

We encourage those who intend on regular usage to become trained, as per the instructions for becoming licensed in Flow Cytometry analysis. Details can be found here.

Pricing is as follows:

Internal users (AMREP research groups excluding Baker IDI) $80/hr for licensed users, $120/hr with operator.

External users: $120/hr for licensed external users, $160/hr external non licensed users with operator.

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NB - Our Instrument does not have the 375nm, 561nm, or 592nm laser so choose your panel accordingly, or please contact us at [email protected] to assist in any panel design.

***Technical Information, Protocol and Panel Design Help Also Available Directly from Millennium Website

AMNIS Quickstart guide can be downloaded here.

AMNIS Sample prep guide can be downloaded here.

AMNIS AMREP Forum Instrument Introduction Slides downloaded here.

Imaging Flow Cytometry Methods and Protocols Book downloaded here.

AMNIS User Guide downloaded here

The IDEAS analysis software is installed on the AMNIS analysis computers located level 6 of The Burnet Tower (Monash Immunology) and level 1 office area (West side).

Manuals and IDEAS software are available from the MerckMillipore AMNIS website, however you may need to register and/or contact them for the necessary location and access.