Data Management Policy AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

FACS Calibur (Apple MAC computers)

The 3 FACS Caliburs on campus are linked to Apple MAC computers. Currently the policy is for users of the instrument to transfer their own data from the computer to a dedicated flow data USB/portable hard-drive. The hard drive on the MAC computers fills rather quickly, the following is highly recommended:

These steps are recommended as the AMREP Flow Department will delete data from the hard drive if space is needed, starting with the oldest files first. Please also scan your USB at your computer, as although MACs have a less likely tendency to be affected by a virus, they can still host them and transfer them to USB drives.

If you leave data on the MAC computers and it is lost, the AMREP Flow Department will not be held responsible. It is your responsibility to transfer a copy of your files.

FACS ARIA, LSRII, Canto & Data Analysis Computers (PC's)

These platforms are routinely backed up and old experiments are archived to both external hard drives and servers. However, please take responsibility and care of your own data. At the conclusion of your experiment, please transfer your data then check on another computer that the transfer has been successful. Due to the down time of instruments required for data back-up / external archive of experiments to the server, it is not something done frequently, so please be aware YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DATA SAFEKEEPING.

To ensure DiVA is functioning well, DO NOT have large quantities of Specimens and Tubes under 1 Experiment folder. Post 5-6 Specimen creations and ~100-150 tubes (with reasonable events 10,000-20,000), the Experiment folder should be duplicated without data.