Authorship & Acknowledgement AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility

If you use the AMREPFlow Core Flow Cytometry Facility, any work (either written or oral including posters, slide presentations, thesis or manuscripts) should acknowledge the AMREPFlow Core Flow Cytometry facility. Authorships and acknowledgements allows the AMREPFlow Facility and its staff members to gain valuable citations which can aid in grant applications to update or upgrade platforms as well as purchase new platforms. For staff it allows the opportunity to apply for positions such as ISAC SRL Emerging Leaders Program where they have an opportunity to develop their skills in Flow Cytometry.

Editors of Bio Techniques, a peer-reviewed journal with an article regarding A Lack of Attribution.


If any member of the AMREP Flow staff have made substantial intellectual contributions to the design of your experiment they should qualify among the authorship list.


Contributions that do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in the acknowledgement section with the name of the AMREP Flow staff that made those contributions and the Flow Cytometry facility address:

AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility

85 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004

GPO 2284, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3001

TEL (03) 9282 2246 LAB TEL (03) 9903 0601