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OMIPs: Optimised Multicolour Immunofluorescence Panel

If you have spent months thoroughly optimising you antibody panel and its unique features would be beneficial to your field, consider submitting your work as a peer-reviewed publication as an OMIP. As well as having your work recognized you also help facilitate coherence within your field of research by publishing your panel. Here are some links for how you might publish your Optimised Multicolour Immunofluorescence Panel 1 2

List of available OMIPs:

OMIP‐001: Quality and phenotype of Ag‐responsive human T‐cells

OMIP‐002: Phenotypic analysis of specific human CD8+ T‐cells using peptide‐MHC class I multimers for any of four epitopes

OMIP‐003: Phenotypic analysis of human memory B cells

OMIP‐004: In‐depth characterization of human T regulatory cells

OMIP‐005: Quality and phenotype of antigen‐responsive rhesus macaque T cells

OMIP‐006: Phenotypic subset analysis of human T regulatory cells via polychromatic flow cytometry

OMIP‐007: Phenotypic analysis of human natural killer cells

OMIP‐008: Measurement of Th1 and Th2 cytokine polyfunctionality of human T cells

OMIP‐009: Characterization of antigen‐specific human T‐cells

OMIP‐010: A new 10‐color monoclonal antibody panel for polychromatic immunophenotyping of small hematopoietic cell samples

OMIP‐011: Characterization of circulating endothelial cells (CECs) in peripheral blood

OMIP‐012: Phenotypic and numeric determination of human leukocyte reconstitution in humanized mice

OMIP-013 Differentiation of Human T cells

OMIP‐014: Validated multifunctional characterization of antigen‐specific human T cells by intracellular cytokine staining

OMIP‐015: Human regulatory and activated T‐cells without intracellular staining

OMIP‐016: Characterization of antigen‐responsive macaque and human T‐cells

OMIP‐017: Human CD4+ helper T‐cell subsets including follicular helper cells

OMIP-018 Chemokine receptor expression on human T helper cells

OMIP-019 Human gamma delta T cells, iNKT cells, Hematopoietic Precursors

OMIP-020 Phenotypic characterisation of human gamma-delta T-cells by multicolor flow cytometry

OMIP-021 Simultaneous quantification of human conventional and innate-like T-cell subsets

OMIP-022 Comprehensive Assessment of Antigen-Specific Human T-Cell Functionality and Memory

OMIP-023 10‐Color, 13 antibody panel for in‐depth phenotyping of human peripheral blood leukocytes

OMIP-024 Pan-leukocyte immunophenotypic characterization of PBMC subsets in human samples

OMIP-025: Evaluation of human T- and NK-cell responses including memory and follicular helper phenotype by intracellular cytokine staining

OMIP-026: Phenotypic analysis of B and plasma cells in rhesus macaques

OMIP-027: Functional analysis of human natural killer cells

OMIP-028: Activation panel for Rhesus macaque NK cell subsets

OMIP-029: Human NK-cell phenotypization

OMIP-030: Characterization of human T cell subsets via surface markers

OMIP-031: Immunologic checkpoint expression on murine effector and memory T-cell subsets

OMIP-032: Two multi-color immunophenotyping panels for assessing the innate and adaptive immune cells in the mouse mammary gland

OMIP-033: A comprehensive single step staining protocol for human T- and B-cell subsets

OMIP-034: Comprehensive immune phenotyping of human peripheral leukocytes by mass cytometry for monitoring immunomodulatory therapies

OMIP-035: Functional analysis of natural killer cell subsets in macaques

OMIP-036: Co-inhibitory receptor (immune checkpoint) expression analysis in human T cell subsets

OMIP-037: 16-color panel to measure inhibitory receptor signatures from multiple human immune cell subsets

OMIP-038: Innate immune assessment with a 14 color flow cytometry panel

OMIP-039: Detection and analysis of human adaptive NKG2C+ natural killer cells

OMIP-040: Optimized gating of human prostate cellular subpopulations

OMIP-041: Optimized multicolor immunofluorescence panel rat microglial staining protocol

OMIP-042: 21‐color flow cytometry to comprehensively immunophenotype major lymphocyte and myeloid subsets in human peripheral blood

OMIP-043: Identification of human antibody secreting cell subsets

OMIP-044: 28‐color immunophenotyping of the human dendritic cell compartment

OMIP-045: Characterizing human head and neck tumors and cancer cell lines with mass cytometry

OMIP-046: Characterization of invariant T cell subset activation in humans

OMIP-047: High‐Dimensional phenotypic characterization of B cells

OMIP-048: Quantification of calcium sensors and channels expression in lymphocyte subsets by mass cytometry

OMIP-049: Analysis of Human Myelopoiesis and Myeloid Neoplasms

OMIP‐050: A 28‐color/30‐parameter Fluorescence Flow Cytometry Panel to Enumerate and Characterize Cells Expressing a Wide Array of Immune Checkpoint Molecules

OMIP‐051 – 28‐color flow cytometry panel to characterize B cells and myeloid cells

OMIP‐052: An 18‐Color Panel for Measuring Th1, Th2, Th17, and Tfh Responses in Rhesus Macaques

OMIP‐053: Identification, Classification, and Isolation of Major FoxP3 Expressing Human CD4+ Treg Subsets

OMIP‐054: Broad Immune Phenotyping of Innate and Adaptive Leukocytes in the Brain, Spleen, and Bone Marrow of an Orthotopic Murine Glioblastoma Model by Mass Cytometry

OMIP‐055: Characterization of Human Innate Lymphoid Cells from Neonatal and Peripheral Blood

OMIP‐056: Evaluation of Human Conventional T Cells, Donor‐Unrestricted T Cells, and NK Cells Including Memory Phenotype by Intracellular Cytokine Staining

OMIP‐057: Mouse γδ T‐Cell Development Characterized by a 14 Color Flow Cytometry Panel

OMIP‐058: 30‐Parameter Flow Cytometry Panel to Characterize iNKT, NK, Unconventional and Conventional T Cells

OMIP‐059: Identification of Mouse Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells with Simultaneous Detection of CD45.1/2 and Controllable Green Fluorescent Protein Expression by a Single Staining Panel

OMIP‐060–30‐Parameter Flow Cytometry Panel to Assess T Cell Effector Functions and Regulatory T Cells

OMIP‐061: 20‐Color Flow Cytometry Panel for High‐Dimensional Characterization of Murine Antigen‐Presenting Cells

OMIP‐062: A 14‐Color, 16‐Antibody Panel for Immunophenotyping Human Innate Lymphoid, Myeloid and T Cells in Small Volumes of Whole Blood and Pediatric Airway Samples

OMIP‐063: 28‐Color Flow Cytometry Panel for Broad Human Immunophenotyping

OMIP‐064: A 27‐Color Flow Cytometry Panel to Detect and Characterize Human NK Cells and Other Innate Lymphoid Cell Subsets, MAIT Cells, and γδ T Cells

OMIP‐065: Dog Immunophenotyping and T‐Cell Activity Evaluation with a 14‐Color Panel

OMIP‐066: Identification of Novel Subpopulations of Human Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Peripheral Blood

OMIP‐067: 28‐Color Flow Cytometry Panel to Evaluate Human T‐Cell Phenotype and Function

OMIP‐068: High‐Dimensional Characterization of Global and Antigen‐Specific B Cells in Chronic Infection

OMIP‐069: Forty‐Color Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry Panel for Deep Immunophenotyping of Major Cell Subsets in Human Peripheral Blood

OMIP‐070: NKp46‐Based 27‐Color Phenotyping to Define Natural Killer Cells Isolated From Human Tumor Tissues

OMIP‐071: A 31-Parameter Flow Cytometry Panel for In-Depth Immunophenotyping of Human T-Cell Subsets Using Surface Markers

OMIP 072: A 15-color panel for immunophenotypic identification, quantification, and characterization of leukemic stem cells in children with acute myeloid leukemia

OMIP 073: Analysis of human thymocyte development with a 14-color flow cytometry panel

OMIP 074: Phenotypic analysis of IgG and IgA subclasses on human B cells

OMIP 075: A 22-color panel for the measurement of antigen-specific T-cell responses in human and nonhuman primates

OMIP 076: High-dimensional immunophenotyping of murine T-cell, B-cell, and antibody secreting cell subsets

OMIP 077: Definition of all principal human leukocyte populations using a broadly applicable 14-color panel

OMIP 078: A 31-parameter panel for comprehensive immunophenotyping of multiple immune cells in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

OMIP 079: Cell cycle of CD4+ and CD8+ naïve/memory T cell subsets, and of Treg cells from mouse spleen

OMIP 080: 29-Color flow cytometry panel for comprehensive evaluation of NK and T cells reconstitution after hematopoietic stem cells transplantation

OMIP 081: A new 21-monoclonal antibody 10-color panel for diagnostic polychromatic immunophenotyping

OMIP 082: A 25-color phenotyping to define human innate lymphoid cells, natural killer cells, mucosal-associated invariant T cells, and γδ T cells from freshly isolated human intestinal tissue

OMIP 083: A 21-marker 18-color flow cytometry panel for in-depth phenotyping of human peripheral monocytes

OMIP-084: 28-color full spectrum flow cytometry panel for the comprehensive analysis of human γδ T cells