Access prerequisites AMREPFlow core flow cytometry facility


Bookings can be made via the AMREP Flow booking sheet. Please be aware of the following:

If you are planning on using and performing regular immunophenotyping on primary human samples on any of the AMREPFlow instruments, the sample MUST be fixed. (Fixation protocol under instrument SOPs and Suggested Protocols - Education tab)

If you require to run and analyze primary human samples that are NOT FIXED for functional/kinetic etc. studies, you MUST submit a Risk Assessment Document and an SWI to AMREPFlow, as the study will have to be approved by the AMREPFlow OHS Committee. Once you attain your OHS approved project number:

  1. Before commencing your run, please cover the keyboard and mouse with glad wrap
  2. Upon completion of the work, remove and discard glad wrap into yellow bins
  3. Wipe down workbench areas, keyboard and mouse with 80% v/v Ethanol or 5% Bleach solution.

Thank you for your cooperation and for making our/your working environments safer.

Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes experiments fall through and have to be cancelled. Self cancellations can be made on Analysers up to 15 hrs prior to the experiment and on the Sorters up to 72 hrs prior to the sort booking. These cancellation windows allow for others to utilize sort and analysis time. For short notice cancellations on analysers (within 15hrs) or sorters (within 72hrs) contact us by email [email protected] or phone (99030601). We don't make cancellations for no-shows, early finishes or experiment procedural mistakes. However, a booking may be cancelled if either of the follow two exceptions apply; a clinical patient sample no-show or if the researcher is away with emergencies/illness.